MK3 VR6 Heavy Duty Upper Strut Mounts – Set of 2


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Installing a new suspension? Simplify your life and order new Strut Mounting hardware to install on to your new springs and shocks. This kit offers all three of the wearing upper mount components that should be replace when suspension is changed and upgraded.

To get the most out of your new suspension setup, it’s recommended that you replace all parts that are known to fail. Not only will this make your new setup more effective, it will provide a better ride, proper tire position, and make all of your parts last longer.

One often overlooked piece is the upper strut bearing and mount. This is the top mount for your struts and provides a solid platform for your front suspension. If worn, the bearings within this mount make noise, there is slop from worn rubber, and it can shorten the life of your shocks.

These replacements are the perfect solution for worn mounts/bearings, they fit perfectly in the mounting location and are the proper length and have the correct inside diameter for your struts. A small addition to any front suspension overhaul that can make a huge difference in overall ride quality.


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