IE 5 BAR MAP Sensor Kit For VW MK7 and Audi 8V MQB Gen 3 Engines


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MQB High Boost Sensor Kit

The IE 5 Bar Map Sensor Kit is designed to replace the factory 3 bar MAP (manifold absolute pressure) and PUT (pressure up throttle) sensors found on the VW & Audi MK7/8V GTI, Golf R, GLI, A3, and S3 EA888 Gen 3 engines. Upgrading to the 5-bar MAP Sensor Kit increases the ECU’s ability to read higher boost pressures. This is important when upgrading to larger turbos with high-boost output beyond the factory 3-bar limit. These sensors are direct install into the factory charge piping and intake manifold and are plug-and-play to the factory engine harness.

IE’s 5-Bar MAP Kit is an easy-to-install solution with two new sensors that directly replace the factory units. There are no finicky wiring harness conversions or hardware adapters. Both upgrades are built into our own sensor housings with an exact-fit replacement for the stock units. Upgrading your boost sensors couldn’t be easier.

NOTE: Requires a specific 5-bar sensor calibration in your ECU tune. Do not install with ECU tunes designed for stock sensors.

Kit Includes: 

  • 1X) IE 5 Bar MAP Sensor
  • 1X) IE PUT Sensor
  • Scaling Info:
  • 11HPA= .5 Volts
  • 5000HPA= 4.5 Volts

Scaling Info:

  • 11HPA= .5 Volts
  • 5000HPA= 4.5 Volts

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm


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